Theo van Doesburg Charity Website

A website in "Stijl"

The mission of the Theo van Doesburg Charity based in Strasbourg, France, is to preserve and to promote the work of Theo van Doesburg, most notably the Aubette in Strasbourg. The charity does so by organising (Dutch) cultural events in and around Strasbourg.

Goals & responsibilities

The Theo van Doesburg Charity contacted me for a complete redesign of their online presence: a redesign of an existing website and the creation of a Facebook page. Their goals: to be able to communicate more easily with their members and to become more visible to potential members and sponsors. Their previous website was not easy to update without technical knowledge, and what’s more the information structure needed revision. The new website should reflect the artistic style of Theo van Doesburg. So, in short:

  • Website redesign
  • Possibility of installing a multilingual plugin
  • Facebook page creation
  • Review of website content structure
  • Implementation of a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Design should reflect Theo van Doesburg’s work

Process & results

I took a content-first approach to this project so firstly, we discussed together what content the charity has, and what content the charity wants to put out. Based on these discussions, I was able to create a new content structure and establish a content guide. The content guide details the new content structure for the charity and how they should prepare and organise their content for the website.  For the CMS I proposed the user-friendly WordPress, tailor-made to the newly designed content structure.

Inspired by Theo van Doesburg’s art movement “De Stijl”, the website sports a minimalistic, geometrical design using mainly primary colour shades. The block meshwork on the homepage symbolises a van Doesburg painting with multiple windows into the most important parts of the site. It also links up with the Facebook page of the charity through the Facebook API in order to draw more attention to the newly created Facebook page.

The website is future-proofed through its responsive design and its multilingual readiness thanks to the installation and configuration of the WPML multilingual plugin. As the charity is located in France, it mainly communicates in French, but the charity expressed the desire to be able to publish in Dutch in order to increase their international outreach for potential sponsors. The Dutch version of the site is due this year.

I provided training to the members of the board of the charity about how to use the new CMS to independently publish and manage their content.