Master CAWEB website

Rebuilding the "CAWEBsite"

Please note: the CAWEB website has been redesigned in the meantime. Please refer to the screenshot on this page to get a visual idea of the project.

As part of our graduation project for the CAWEB master’s programme, each student was asked to contribute to the CAWEB website. In 2013-2014, a complete redesign of the site and its textual and graphic content was due (which implied the following disciplines : project management, web development, graphic design, content creation, front-end development, localisation, social network management, photography, video).

I was in charge of all the technical aspects of the new website: the front-end development of the new template, development and implementation of new content structures leveraging the capabilities of the Joomla! CMS, facilitating technical requirement for Search Engine Optimisation recommendations, coming up with responsive design solutions and ensuring that we met the deadline. Naturally, I could not do all this on my own. Therefore I decided to delegate tasks to different members of the team to make sure everything was completed correctly and on time. Project management was centralised on the Asana platform, which greatly enhances workflow and transparency when working within a big team (19 people).

The new website was delivered on time and was well received by the teaching staff. The website has proven to be future-proof thanks to its flat, minimalistic responsive design and the ease at which all the content can be dynamically edited through the customised Joomla! backoffice, without having to get your hands dirty in the code. This has allowed the two next generations of CAWEB graduates to focus more on the content of the website as part of their graduation project. Take a look at the flourishing blog for example.

I was also in charge of the Dutch adaptation of the CAWEB master’s programme information brochure aimed at international students and businesses.