J’aime mon artisan E-commerce platform

J’aime mon Artisan is an ambitious online marketplace where people can find products and craftsmen in their region for tailor-made solutions for their around the house construction projects. The benefits of this e-commerce platform are the rapidity at which you receive quotes from artisans and at which your orders are delivered and installed, the ease of communication between customer and reseller, and the great extent of customisation of products and orders.

This is one of the biggest projects I have worked on during my time as a front-end developer at Data Projekt. I was the main front-end developer on this project and worked closely with graphic designers, project managers and back-end developers. I was responsible for transforming a huge amount of wireframes into html prototypes and ensuring the application of the theme’s styles on all pages in a consistent manner. While creating these assets for the back-end developers, I gained great experience working with the Symfony templating and routing system. Furthermore, I was in charge of creating many Javascript/CSS3 interactions, such as the expandable sliders on the homepage or the different modules on the product page.

Data Projekt did an extensive case study of the J’aime mon artisan project on their blog, where they go into depth about¬† the different UI elements.