I am a multilingual translation/localisation and web development professional, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have a Master’s degree in Multilingual Web Design & Localisation as well as a MA & BA in French Linguistics and Literature.

For the past two years I’ve worked as a front-end developer at Data Projekt in Strasbourg, France, creating websites for small and medium sized businesses. Right now, I am managing localisation and translation projects at TransPerfect in Amsterdam.

Foreign language learning and new technologies are my two big passions. Being able to help others communicate their message or reach their goals by using my skills and knowledge is very important to me. I also like sharing what I know by writing on my blog.

I am always on the look-out for new exiting opportunities which will allow me to combine my linguistic and technical skills, preferably in the localisation industry. Please refer to my cv to find out more about my work experience and to the section below to learn more about my skillset.

Language skills

I am a native speaker of Dutch and am fluent in both French and English. I also have good elementary knowledge of German (B2 level) and basic knowledge of Spanish. I have an incessant passion for language learning and that’s why I recently started with the basics of Japanese. Thanks to my Master’s degree in Localisation and my experience as a freelance translator, I gained experience working with translation software such as Trados Studio, OmegaT, Wordfast and other CAT, MT and terminology management tools.

I can help your company with translation into Dutch from French or English, proofreading of translated texts, transcription of audiovisual material. I can also help out with (website) localisation thanks to my international work and living experience, my technical skills, as well as my education. Do you think I could put my skills to good use for your organisation? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Novice A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Native Japanese Spanish German English French Dutch Level (European Framework)

Web development skills

With over 2 years of experience in front-end development and a Master’s in Multilingual Web Design and Localisation, I can help your company with the design and development of a multilingual website tailor-made to your needs. I aim for great user experience and take into account accessibility with a focus on responsive design and performance while complying to international coding standards at the same time.


Front-end development is not an exact science, there is no one way to code a website, that’s why I always try to improve my skills and workflow by continuous learning and trying out new tools. I believe in a workflow where you don’t repeat yourself (DRY) and that leverages the latest tools to do repetitive task for us in order to produce a clean and reusable code base. Also, I use tools for version control to ensure that there are no conflicts with my colleagues and to allow for backups.
I also write about front-end development and (developer) soft skills amongst other things on my blog. I feature some of my front-end work on the projects page, go check it out!

Project management skills

As a freelance web developer I have accompanied small businesses and charities with their online strategy and websites. I try to “challenge” the needs of the client in order to find and propose the best solution to their problem.
Possessing both linguistic and technical skills, I can play a pivotal role managing localisation projects. Thanks to my Master’s degree in Multilingual Web Design and Localisation, I have broad knowledge and awareness of the different stakeholders and the key challenges of a localisation project.

As of July 2016, I am working as a translation project manager at iSP/TransPerfect in Amsterdam.

Teaching skills

Language and code are a beautiful thing, because they allow you to create something from nothing using only your creativity and skills. I love spreading this passion through teaching and writing: allowing others to create something from no other resource but their own creative minds is a very valuable and rewarding experience. During my BA in French Linguistics & Literature, I did a minor in teaching and was certified for teaching in secondary education in the Netherlands. I have experience in teaching French both in secondary schools and private lessons, as well as being a Dutch language assistant at the Dutch department at the University of Strasbourg.