RTL text in LTR document

This page contains examples for the article on localization tips for website developers on timbakkum.net

First case: block level elements

This is a paragraph of text with left-to-right orientation and alignment.

این یک پاراگراف از متن با جهت گیری راست به چپ و هم ترازی است.

Second case: inline elements

I speak English but I don't speak فارسی unfortunately.

Third case: unknown text-direction

I speak English but I still don't speak فارسی unfortunately. The Farsi should look the same as in the phrase above.

Fourth case: nested opposite-direction phrases

The title is "معرفی به Localization" in Farsi. (with tags = correct)

The title is "معرفی به Localization" in Farsi. (no tags for nested phrase)

Fifth case: weak characters in opposite-direction phrases

2. افتح ملف wp-config-sample.php في أي محرر نصوص يدعم الترميز utf-8 واملأه بإعدادات الاتصال بقاعدة البيانات ( نحن ننصح باستخدام المحرر Notepad++ ) .